Forgotten Man Ministries

FMM believes in the redemption and restoration of inmates through Jesus Christ. As the largest jail-focused ministry in the U.S., we empower chaplains and volunteers to share hope and salvation with the “forgotten” women and men incarcerated in Michigan’s county jails.

Forgotten Man Ministries is a biblically-based, chaplain-led, volunteer ministry. FMM provide hope in Michigan county jails by teaching, preaching, and showing the love of Jesus Christ. FMM believes that every inmate that returns home can start a new life, become a productive citizen, and never return to jail.

FMM currently has placed chaplains in 33 jails across the state of Michigan. These chaplains lead a team of dedicated volunteers who preach the message of Jesus Christ to inmates in Michigan county jails.

“Jail is not a desirable place to be, but it was the place that saved me, thanks to Forgotten Man Ministries. It’s not just a job for them. They are just trying to show love in the most broken part of our broken world.”
-Joshua S., Genesee County

36 I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’  Matthew 25:36

For more information visit: Forgottenman.org

Coach Eby Center

Coach Eby’s mission is to bring hope, eduacation, recreation, and inspiration to youth and families of Branch County by creating a Christ-centered environment. We value unconditional acceptance, Christ-centered living and community.

Coach Eby Center Ministries:

Friday Night Alive – Friday Night Alive is open to youth grades 6-12 on Fridays during the school year.

The Coach – To provide a safe and secure environment for high school students to engage with their schoolwork, interact with other students, and learn new skills in order to become better versions of themselves

Coats for Kids & Families – A place for kids & families in our community to receive free winter clothing.

Connection Café – ​​A place to make connections. Whether you’re looking for friends, help, or just want to have a Meet-up with others within the community; this is the place to be. The Connection Café provides an environment for positive communication among families and community group.

Home Store: We accept Donations from the community to raise money to support the “Acts of Kindness” program in Branch County.

Good Better Best Store: Good Better Best Shop is a resale shop that opened June 2020. This group of volunteers collect, clean, sort and sell donations from local community members to support educational efforts in Branch County

Branch County Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence (BCCADV):

The Naomi Davis Shelterhouse provides a safe haven, advocacy and support services for survivors of domestic violence or sexual assault and their dependent children. Our philosophy is based on the Empowerment Model, which gives individuals the knowledge, skills and tools to make informed decisions, gain self-sufficiency and achieve their goals. Our home can serve up to six families with each family being provided a clean, safe environment with a fresh start toward their success as a survivor.

The Naomi Davis Shelterhouse provides advocacy and support services including:

  • Domestic Violence/Sexual Violence Education
  • Personal Advocacy
  • Case Management Services
  • Legal Advocacy
  • Housing Advocacy

For more information, visit Branch County Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence at: https://278safe.com/the-naomi-davis-shelterhouse

Jacob’s Well

Our mission is to come together as Christians across all denominations to transform lives in Branch County in the name of Christ.

We are a non-profit ministry supported by many of the local churches in Branch County to help assist in the short-term emergency needs of Branch County residents.

Our focus is found in the four main areas of: energy, housing, transportation and medical.

We are designed to be a referral ministry from: local churches, agencies, caseworkers and other community partners.  We are able to help and assist those in need while pointing them to the Hope, Love and Grace of Jesus!

Core Values

  1. We are a Christian organization.
  2. We follow Christ’s example of valuing the poor and needy.
  3. Prayer is essential.
  4. We value unity of the Body of Christ.
  5. We value the lives of people in our community.
  6. We value our local churches, who live out the two great commandments to love God and love their neighbors.
  7. We value building Christ-like relationships.

Joppa Recovery

At Joppa Recovery, we help men who desire to lead joyful lives and live their life to the fullest. Our residents learn coping skills to meet life’s challenges by building a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ and become productive men in society free of the daily struggles with addiction.

 Joppa Recovery offers a rural setting, away from their current living environment, by providing the personal space inside and out to work on their recovery. Learning to take responsibility for all areas of their lives and participate in meaningful work while being a resident of Joppa Recovery.

​Our core values at Joppa Recovery are providing care with patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness. We believe every man can recover, and we will walk beside you with the spirit of Jesus Christ

Across The Street

“Across the Street” describes our desire as a church family to share the hope of the Gospel with our neighbors “across the street”. Two of Hope Church’s five ministry objectives describe the heart behind our desire to share Jesus’ love with our neighbors across the street:

  • HOPE CHURCH will be an effective partner with Jesus in His ongoing mission of reaching the lost.
  • HOPE CHURCH will be a caring light in our community through serving and meeting needs

The Apostle Paul wrote, “For, everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard?…As it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” (Ro. 10:13-15, NIV)

We believe that God calls each of us to be the beautiful feet who bring Good News “Across the Street” to our neighbors closest to us. In other words, we are all called to be missionaries in the setting God has placed us. Here are just a few of the ways we hope to begin sharing Jesus’ love with our neighbors “Across the Street” in 2021:

  • Develop a committed team of prayer warriors who will faithfully pray for a powerful movement of the Holy Spirit among our non-believing neighbors in Coldwater.
    • Provide HOPE CHURCH members access to excellent conferences and seminary level training that will nurture God’s heart for the lost in us, equip us with effective tools to “partner with Jesus”, and encourage us to get-up and go “Across the Street” to share Jesus’ love in meaningful ways
    • Provide ESL Classes through HOPE CHURCH to share’ Jesus love and build relationships with our non-English speaking neighbors.

For more information about how you can get involved in “Across the Street” contact Pastor Josh at, josh@fmchurch.com or call the church office                                                                                                                                                      

Royal Family Kids

Royal Family Kids is a network of camps that partners with local churches and youth organizations to help provide some positive childhood memories for abused, abandoned and neglected children in the local, foster care system by organizing a 5 day overnight summer camp experience.


Somerset Beach Campground

Since 1982, Somerset Beach Campground has sought to glorify God through Christian camping. We serve as an extended ministry of the local church, seeking to create an environment in which people can experience God. Whether you join us for a week, weekend, or day, it is our desire that you leave SBC refreshed and renewed . . . all for God’s glory.

We were founded by and are affiliated with the Free Methodist Church.

Somerset Beach Campground & Retreat Center is a youth camp, campground and retreat center located in Somerset Center, Michigan.

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 307

Somerset Center, MI 49282


Mission Igniter

The Southern Michigan Conference consists of a network of nearly 40 local churches and church plants spread across a 15 county area in our state as well as Ontario and Ohio. Together we worship and work together in order to extend the Kingdom of God both within and beyond our own borders. We are bound together by our commitment to Scripture, our Wesleyan/Armenian theology and our Book of Discipline. And, we hold dear two core values:

1. We are better together than we can be by ourselves.

2. We can do more together than we can do by ourselves.


  • Recruiting and developing catalytic leaders for the transformation of churches and communities. 
  • Networking and strengthening our partnerships with affiliate FM institutions.
  • Launching and sustaining new apostolic initiatives and church plants** 
  • Resourcing and building upon our historic commitment to worldwide mission.


Mission Igniter is a church planting incubator that provides the support and financial and technical assistance to birth and develop churches to maturity. The environment and structure of an incubator provides space for new ideas to be tried and provides for mutual collaboration and support from both seasoned leaders and others currently launching new churches.

For more information visit: smcfmc.org

Far Away

Philadelphia: Hope Church Students of Hope annually partner with Momentum Ministries to bring the love of Jesus to inner city Philly. Students engage in Street evangelism in areas with homeless and drug, as well as train stations, and malls. The focus of this trip is sharing the love they have felt from God with others in all circumstances of life.

Dan & Hope Owsley

Latin American/Brazil

Dan and Hope have served in three regions of Brazil over the past 31 years, starting g churches and organizing conferences. Their ministries index teaching Bible and Christian doctrine to church leaders, mentoring men and women in ministry, sharing the gospel and discipling new believers. In February of 2020 the Brazilian church called Dan and Hope to a new opportunity in Sao Paulo to help revitalize the main campus of the Free Methodist Bible seminary and to encourage a church planting movement throughout the country.

Keith & Julie

Keith teaches pastoral training and cross-cultural principles. Julie helps Hands of Hope, a non-profit micro-enterprise that helps disabled women.

Seth & Hlawn VanTifflin


The VanTifflin’s have established “In Better Hands”. This is a place to care for children at high risk from abuse and human trafficking in Asia. Seth also serves as an event planner and host for mission teams.

Rodrigo & Tanya Rosado


Rodrigo and Tanya Rosado are preparing to serve in Argentina, where they will oversee the Calle Peru Project. Their assignment will include pastoring the international church, serving as hosts and mentors for university housing, and development of a Community Church Planting (CCP) training center.