For us, giving is about much more than simply paying bills. There is something deeper to the “why” we give. Here are 5 main reasons we believe our generosity matters:

1. Our generous hearts are a direct response to how generous God has been to us.

2. Generous people can change the lives of people in Coldwater, nationally, and globally.

3. Generosity shows that we truly want to love like Jesus loved and establishes the right priorities in our lives.

4. When we are generous our focus is on helping and serving others.

5. Being generous with what God has blessed us with is an absolute privilege and to be done with a grateful heart. It is an honor that we are invited to participate in this way.

Ways to Give One-time gifts:

  • Mail to 200 N Fremont St Coldwater, MI 49036
  • In-person at our 9:00 or 11:00 A.M. Sunday gatherings (use a giving envelope & drop it in the offering box)
  • Through our giving portal at the button below (choose “give as a guest” or sign in and give a “One-time” gift). If giving using a credit or debit card vs. ACH, you will also be given an option to cover any costs associated with credit and debit card fees. Saying yes to this will ensure 100% of your gift gets to us.
  • Text – when set up through your Church Connect account (AKA – our app).

Setting up Automated – Recurring Giving:

Why is AUTOMATED GIVING the easiest and most effective way to give to God?

IT’S EASY TO SET UP: Simply set up an account & fill out the online form at the link below (if you already have a sign in for our app, it is the same log-in info)
IT’S EASY TO ADJUST: You can update or change your giving at any time by simply logging into your account.
IT’S FLEXIBLE: You may choose to have your gift automatically deducted from your bank account on a schedule that works with your finances.
YOU WON’T FORGET: Automating your giving helps you stay faithful in honoring God with your finances.

If you would like to set up auto-debit simply click the “Give Now’ button bellow and follow the easy steps.